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Work at Calla Lily Clinical Care

Who we are

Calla Lily Clinical Care is an award-winning women’s health company developing products for intravaginal drug delivery, based upon our proprietary Callavid® platform device technology. Initial target indications are in IVF and prevention of preterm birth and miscarriage. We are also exploiting our device’s unique potential to reliably deliver live biotherapeutics (LBPs) to restore a healthy vaginal microbiome - for example to address bacterial vaginosis (BV) which impacts fertility, and where current treatment methods lead to high recurrence, necessitating repeated courses of antibiotics and contributing to the growth of antimicrobial resistance (AMR).

Further use-cases for our patented technology include effective sample collection to facilitate the next generation of biomarker-based diagnostic tests for endometriosis and a range of other conditions.

Our patented technology has received FDA clearance and was named one of TIME magazine’s Best Inventions of the Year, and our team has been named in the top 10 in Fast Company’s annual list of Most Innovative Companies in the World. We’re a Certified B-Corp balancing people, planet, and profit - and are looking for exceptional, dynamic, proactive people who want to make a difference in women’s health.

How we work

We all play a crucial role in our company’s success; we ask that all our team members approach their work with:

High integrity and persistence

We’re committed to the art of never compromising, always pushing boundaries and persisting in the pursuit of our goals - with the courage always to do the right thing.

Science forward with passion

Our decisions are driven by the best interests of women and are based on scientific data, evidence and research. We’re deeply passionate about the impact we’re creating.

Hunger and resilience

Learning fast and failing fast is how we’ve moved forwards time and time again, so it’s important that failure doesn’t scare you. Face challenges head-on and embrace change.

As a team, together

For us, succeeding in reaching our goals as a team is the result of being contribution-driven. If each of us considers how we can best contribute to a project’s completion or a problem’s solution, our work will always be a team effort.

We value diverse perspectives, creating an inclusive culture and treating all team members equally and respectfully. We want to help you reach your full potential.


Calla Lily Clinical Care is an innovative, great place to work that deeply cares and values its team members. We empower our team members to be their authentic best selves at work and at home; excellent work is always rewarded.

Our openings

Submit your application

We are always on the lookout for talented and passionate individuals who share our vision and values. Even if you don’t find a suitable position above, please do not hesitate to drop us your CV/resume.

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