MBA Internship (Strategy)

The role

We’re looking for MBA interns to support CLCC across our strategy and fundraising functions and who want an immersive experience in a lean, high potential & very purpose-driven medical devices start-up.

What you’ll do

  • Develop strategies and business plans focussed on various health conditions / indications for our novel platform technology
  • Contribute to assessments of and discussions with potential strategic partners for CLCC
  • Help refine Company’s fundraising strategy, developing pipeline of women’s health & impact focused investors in Europe, US, Middle East and Asia
  • Refine fundraising pitch messaging and materials
  • Refine a forecasted budget to facilitate sound, quick decision making
  • Estimate TAM, SAM and SOM of different use cases
  • Work directly with CLCC’s CEO and CFO

Who you are

  • Enrolled in a top MBA program with a passion for women’s health (pre-MBA or post-MBA positions also considered)
  • Able to demonstrate an ability to quickly grasp the key drivers for a medical device start-up 
  • A catalyst for change: we like individuals who bring a unique perspective and can improve how we operate
  • Analytical: we like big ideas and want to be able to quantify opportunities as well as execute on them 
  • Action-oriented: time is our scarcest asset and as such we need to balance planning with execution

How to apply

Please send your CV/resume and brief cover note to

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