Callaly Lily Clinical Care Team


Using business as a force for good

Calla Lily Clinical Care is a Certified B-Corporation, formed in 2021 out of Callaly, one of Fast Company’s Most Innovative Companies of 2021. B-Corps are a growing global group of organisations committed to using business as a force for good. The company is committed towards meeting the highest standards of social and environmental performance, accountability and transparency. We’re excited about the prospects of our more cost-effective, comfortable and accessible women’s drug-delivery device manufactured with a more sustainable footprint.



Thang Vo-Ta portrait

Thang Vo-Ta

CEO & Co-founder

Dr Lara Zibners Lohr portrait

Dr Lara Zibners Lohr


Prof Andrew Lewis portrait

Prof Andrew Lewis

Principal Scientist

Ewa Radziwon portrait

Ewa Radziwon

Product Development Manager

Stuart Prince portrait

Stuart Prince

Chief Financial Officer

Akeel Khan portrait

Akeel Khan

Chief Product Officer

Dr Yasmin Farhatnia portrait

Dr Yasmin Farhatnia

R&D Manager

Dr Serena de Gelidi portrait

Dr Serena de Gelidi

Senior Biomechanical Engineer

Dr Elham Shirani portrait

Dr Elham Shirani

Biomedical Engineer

Kaylie Mings portrait

Kaylie Mings

Product Development

Dr Arturo Jose Mendoza Meinhardt portrait

Dr Arturo Jose Mendoza Meinhardt

Senior Scientist

Sabrina Franco portrait

Sabrina Franco

Product Development Engineer

Megan Quinlan portrait

Megan Quinlan

Legal & Strategy

Shaun Knights portrait

Shaun Knights

Head of Regulatory & Quality

Clinical & scientific advisors

Prof Siobhan Quenby portrait

Prof Siobhan Quenby

Board Advisor / Clinical Expert – Miscarriage

Dr Stuart Lavery portrait

Dr Stuart Lavery

Board Advisor / Clinical Expert – Fertility

Dr Annalisa Jenkins portrait

Dr Annalisa Jenkins

Board Advisor

Dr Kelle Moley portrait

Dr Kelle Moley

Board Advisor

Dr Janet Halliday portrait

Dr Janet Halliday

Board Advisor – CMC

Dr Alex Hooi portrait

Dr Alex Hooi

Board Advisor / Inventor

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