Supporting pregnancy loss prevention

  • 20-25% of pregnancies end in a miscarriage1
  • 50-75% of women who suffer repeat miscarriages have an unknown cause2
1. BJOG 2020;127 2. March of Dimes
“The new guidance, from the health watchdog NICE, is based on research suggesting the treatment could lead to 8,450 more births each year in the UK. The more miscarriages a woman had, the more effective progesterone was, the trial found.”
BBC News, 24 November 2021

New official UK medical guidance* recommends vaginal progesterone to reduce miscarriages

“Offer vaginal micronised progesterone 400mg twice daily to women with an intrauterine pregnancy confirmed by a scan, if they have vaginal bleeding and have previously had a miscarriage”

*NICE (UK) guideline (NG126), 24 Nov 2021 update

“Micronised vaginal progesterone treatment can therefore be considered for asymptomatic women with recurrent miscarriage, and is likely to be more effective in women with a high number of previous miscarriages”

Vol. 397    Number 10286    May 2021

Supporting IVF treatment

Daily progesterone doses are essential for IVF pregnancies, but current routes of administration have limitations

“Having gone through numerous IVF cycles – involving no end of injections and leaky suppositories – I know firsthand about the vital need for a better and patient-friendlier way of progesterone administration.”

Dr Lara Zibners Lohr
National Educator ATLS UK at Royal College of Surgeons,
Calla Lily Clinical Care Co-founder

subcutaneous injections are painful and expensive

“65.9% of patients found injections painful”

BMC NOV 2014 11:78

“I would have given anything to have an alternative to the 400 injections I had to self-administer over a period of just a few months”

K, IVF Patient


Callavid® is the injection-free alternative

Vaginal pessaries are uncomfortable and inconvenient, as once melted they leak out

Messy & irritating leakage

100% brought up leakage as an issue

Uncertain positioning & dosage

100% of users reported difficulties

~30 minutes of lying down

100% felt lying down was disruptive

Study conducted through medical market research firm Accellerate of 16 women undergoing IVF treatment using vaginal progesterone (not injections) during summer 2021

Oral delivery has significant side-effects including headaches, drowsiness and dizziness


Our device is the more comfortable & convenient, leakage-preventing solution

“Although vaginal suppositories are easier to tolerate, the suppository material may escape from the vagina, leading to inconvenience and uncertainty as to the dosage of progesterone absorbed”
Frederick Licciardi, MD,
NYU School of Medicine

Callavid® is a more convenient, dosage-confident, leakage-preventing delivery solution

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