A Calla Lily Clinical Care device is held up against a light blue background A Calla Lily Clinical Care device is held up against a light blue background

A more convenient and dosage-confident drug delivery experience

Our patented leak-free design allows for cleaner, more comfortable delivery of medicines and hormones, while also preventing drug wastage

The Calla Lily Clinical Care device
Absorbent mini-liner
Prevents leakage
Flexible sheath
Progesterone pessary
Biocompatible polymer

Simple & hygienic insertion

Device is inserted through the mini-liner and into the vagina

Placement & dosage-secure

Progesterone is released, folding mini-liner absorbs excipient


Wraps itself upon removal for convenient disposal

Benefits for patients



Comfort and

Intuitive and

“An unmet need remains for progesterone options with a more convenient route of administration. Key Opinion Leaders have stressed the need for a patient-friendlier means of progesterone administration during assisted reproductive technology (ART) cycles…”

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June 2020

Interior shot of manufacturing technology

Designed, developed and
manufactured in the UK

Other applications

Oestrogen and other hormones & medicines can also be delivered vaginally with similar benefits, including better targeted dosage and fewer side-effects. The Calla Lily Clinical Care device has further potential in Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) and OTC medications (e.g. vaginal candidiasis).

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