Supporting a healthy vaginal microbiome

Our Callavid® platform can enable the vaginal delivery of Live Biotherapeutic Products (LBP), containing benefical strains of bacteria

Bacterial Vaginosis patients suffer high rates of recurrency, which can be reduced by recolonising the vagina with benefical bacteria

Callavid® assists in the localisation and colonisation of microorganisms to the vaginal wall, increasing efficacy of treatment

The current practice of repeated treatment with antibiotics contributes to global antomicrobial resistance (AMR)

“Bacterial Vaginosis is the most common vaginal infection among women of reproductive age, 35% of women will get BV1
“The economic burden of treating BV is $13.8bn2
  1. 1. Cleveland Clinic
  2. 2. Univ of Washington

Further applications for our delivery platform

Other indications have similar issues of leakage / placement / messiness / user experience

Other therapeutics (including cancer prevention) requiring sustained delivery towards the cervix

OTC potential (Vaginal Candidiasis, Hemorrhoids, Vulvovaginal Atrophy)

Diagnostic vaginal sample collection

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